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Icons are Hot!

Since the day I had my first computer, a Mac Performa 460 (I know… a LONG time ago) I have been obsessed with jazzin’ up the desktop. Making this window I stare into all day long MY WINDOW. Pretty things, funny things, anything to make it mine and personalize it. That’s where ICONS come in.

I am a collector by nature. So when I need something, I get it to excess. Icons are no exception. I can spend hours finding, downloading and applying icons to every folder I have on my hard drive.

So today, my loyal followers, I wanted to share my top 3 favs for free icons.

Pixel Girl Presents. An AWESOME artistic mecha! I LOVE the way they support artists! Many icons by many different artists. Can I cram art related words in here again? I bet I could, but I won’t. Just check them out! They rock! I was introduced to Pixel Girl by a former co-worker. Mikey. Mikey was a funny lad – tried to sell ketchup popsicles to women in white gloves once upon a time. But that my readers, is a blog for another day.

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