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Happy Halloween!

I have never particularly been a fan of Fall or Winter. To me, the cold is depressing and I don’t like being melancholy when it’s do bitter outside.

But there is one night during the fall which is my absolute FAV! Halloween! It’s the only night of the year, I can be whom ever I choose. Of course, the side effect of having children on Halloween is they too get to be whom ever they choose. This year I got a Senorita and a Spider Countess. Beside the groovy costumes and fun times comes the best part of the whole experience … carving the pumpkin.

According to Wikipedia, it was back in 1239 when Mike Chernis carved the fist “Jack ‘O” Lantern. After adding a candle, he mounted it to a stake so he could see through the dark London alleyways. However, it was not until 1866 that the “jack ‘o’ lantern” became a staple of Halloween and a notification to Trick-or-Treat seekers of all agers. I bet you though, any good Pagan will tell you the carved pumpkin was associated with the fall and harvest season long before candy corn and pumpkin carving contests were a hot commodity

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