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Sedona Film School takes Center Stage – ZGI officially becomes Sedona Film School

August 15, 2012
Yavapai College is pleased to announce that the former Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking (ZGI) is officially becoming the Sedona Film School at Yavapai College. This re-branding of the school’s film program represents Yavapai College’s strong commitment to the community of Sedona and supports Sedona’s dedication to be a city animated by the arts.
The beginning of a new era in independent film in Northern Arizona, this year enrollment is at its highest level since Yavapai College first opened a boot-camp like film school in 2000: It has more than doubled for the fall semester. Under the leadership of Sedona Film School Director, Rue, they are expanding their programs both in scope and reach. There is a new focus on job placement and enhanced instruction. 

The school year kicks off with a Screenwriting workshop August 25 and 26, taught by Emmy-nominated screenwriter Sterling Anderson. The film school has added three new adjunct faculty and has several new guest speakers planned for the 2012-13 academic year.

“This is such an exciting opportunity for our students; to be the first graduating class of the Sedona Film School!” Rue continued, “I think the timing on this is perfect. We have some great partnerships in the community, and I am proud of our renewed commitment to Sedona and the Verde Valley.”

The Sedona Film School is quickly gaining recognition and respect within the industry.  Their hands-on approach leaves graduates ready to transition easily to the working environment of a movie set.  Additionally, they are expanding their relationship with the renowned Sedona International Film Festival (SIFF) and are planning for a special series of technical workshops during the 2013 Festival.

Patrick Schwiess, Executive Director of SIFF, said, “This is a very big move for the film school — and the right move — to really put Sedona on the map as a film education destination. It will be the same great school with a new name, and it will truly make it a DESTINATION film school. We are proud to be partners with the school and anxious to help re-brand them under their new name and explore all the new opportunities and partnershipsthat will arise because of this great change. Congratulations to the staff,students and Yavapai College!”

Sedona Film School advisory board member and owner of Goldenstein Gallery, Linda Goldenstein, added, “The name is a benefit to the school, as a destination, and reflects both the identity of the film school and Yavapai College’s commitment to the arts. This announcement dovetails perfectly with the city of Sedona’s endeavor to expand arts and education, as well as our long-standing history as a filmmaking location.”
The enhanced film school curriculum will give students more than 200 hours of on-set training during the nine-month certificate program. Students work closely with film industry professionals in a true apprenticeship environment.

Also, as a result of a new partnership, Northern Arizona University (NAU) is now offering a minor in Independent Filmmaking, through coursework at Sedona Film School. Conversely, students whom attend Sedona Film School can transfer their credits seamlessly into a bachelors program at NAU. Students may choose from a narrative or documentary track and in only nine months, they walk away with their own short film as a calling card.

The Sedona Film School is located at the Yavapai College Sedona Center for Arts and Technology, 4215 Arts Village Drive, Sedona, Arizona. Call Rue at (928) 649-4257 for more information. The film school is full, for this fall. They are accepting applications for fall 2013.  To learn more about the Sedona Film School, please visit www.sedonafilmschool.com.