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Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2010

I have never particularly been a fan of Fall or Winter. To me, the cold is depressing and I don’t like being melancholy when it’s do bitter outside.

But there is one night during the fall which is my absolute FAV! Halloween! It’s the only night of the year, I can be whom ever I choose. Of course, the side effect of having children on Halloween is they too get to be whom ever they choose. This year I got a Senorita and a Spider Countess. Beside the groovy costumes and fun times comes the best part of the whole experience … carving the pumpkin.

According to Wikipedia, it was back in 1239 when Mike Chernis carved the fist “Jack ‘O” Lantern. After adding a candle, he mounted it to a stake so he could see through the dark London alleyways. However, it was not until 1866 that the “jack ‘o’ lantern” became a staple of Halloween and a notification to Trick-or-Treat seekers of all agers. I bet you though, any good Pagan will tell you the carved pumpkin was associated with the fall and harvest season long before candy corn and pumpkin carving contests were a hot commodity

Which brings us to today’s blog. A tribute to the most awesome pumpkin carver AROUND! Ray Villafane is known for his amazing carvings of our favorite orange bubbled fall veggie. If you do not recognize his name,  you will recognize his art. 

Every year, for at least 4 years, I have gotten a forward email with images of his work. So after a little hunting and whirl through Google, I have found and pulled some of them to share. Take a look. This is VERY impressive. For more information on Ray and his work, visit his website.