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I Am the Original Groovy Gothic Graphic Girl

– but with a twist!

I have been called “Gothic-Sporty Spice,” but “way too perky to be emo.” I’m happy and bubbly and full of energy! Those who know me say I’m funny and full of sass–

Which makes me ROCK at what I do!

I have designed from one end of the spectrum to the other–from beautifully aesthetic galleries for professional artists to grungy horror sites to plain and simple; from product information catalogs and fiction magazines to award-winning newspaper ads.

I grew up surrounded by art and beautiful sights and sounds and as I grew into my creative talent, I surrounded myself with people who helped me grow and hone my talents.

In August of 1996, 69 Flavors of Paranoia became my first real project. With the help of my husband Rycke Foreman, 12 issues were published – but we had to put our project on the shelf. But in August of 2009, 69FoP was resurrected… A horror fiction, poetry and artworks site, this is one of my true passions. I the editorial portions of each menu falls on Rycke’s plate, but the graphical layout and template designs are mine. It’s always a work in progress.

In 1998, I became the Webmistress for Curt Walters, and my fate as a nerd was solidified. Once I moved to Arizona in 2002, I went to work in the Advertising Department of Larson Newspapers. I won a number of awards while working with The Red Rock News…including a 1st Place National award. Later, in 2006 I was hired on by Bhakti-Beka, a small wholesale yoga supply company. After two years of designing flyers, catalogs, packaging and executing marketing plans I found my self at another small corporate office where I’ve gained even more knowledge and am able to further fuel my passion for design.

I am always accepting new clients, so if you would like to sit down and discuss your website, your business, or your need to learn Facebook and similar social networking groups, let me know.

Visit my portfolio area, or get more familiar with what I can do for you.

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